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Pet Preparedness

Pets are part of the family. Remember to include them in your emergency planning efforts.Remember to include your pet(s) in your emergency planning efforts

If you’re like many people, your pet is an important part of your family. That’s one reason why you should include them in your emergency preparedness planning and preparations. Here are some items to be sure to include in your pet’s emergency kit:

  • One-week supply of fresh water. If officials declare your household water unfit to drink, it’s also unsafe for your pets. You may want to have an extra gallon or two on hand in case your pet is exposed to chemicals or something else that requires that they get rinsed off.
  • One-week supply of food. Store it in a water-tight container and rotate it every three months to keep it fresh. If you use canned food, include a spare can opener.
  • Other supplies for your pet’s health, comfort, and safety. Remember to include medications, leashes, carriers, blankets/beds, toys, pet first aid instructions (along with your first aid kit!), and something to collect and contain your pet’s waste.
  • Items that will help you reconnect if you and your pet get separated. Make sure your pet has current identification tags or chip, and pack a couple of photos of you and your pet so that you can prove ownership or make lost pet fliers if you and your pet get separated during an emergency.

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