WaterSense | Regional Water Providers Consortium


The Regional Water Providers Consortium is proud to be a WaterSense Partner.

What it is

WaterSense is a voluntary public-private partnership program sponsored by the US EPA that offers consumers a simple way to make product choices that use less water with no sacrifice to quality or product performance.

WaterSense Labeled Products

Products that bear the WaterSense label meet EPA criteria for water efficiency and performance. This label is similar to EPA’s Energy Star label.

WaterSense labeled products use about 20% less water than similar products and perform as well or better than their less efficient counterparts.

Currently, the WaterSense program includes bathroom faucets, showerheads, high efficiency toilets, urinals, and landscape irrigation controllers. More types of products will be added in the future.

The WaterSense Current is EPA’s quarterly update dedicated to news and events related to WaterSense.

Test Your WaterSense!

Think you know everything there is to know about water? You can’t be sure until you’ve played EPA’s new “Test Your WaterSense online quiz!

WaterSense Calculator

The WaterSense calculator requires users to provide basic information about the household fixtures (faucets and/or toilets) that are being installed or replaced with WaterSense labeled models. Based on the number of people expected to use the fixtures in each household and other simple inputs, the calculator provides estimates of the amount of water and energy that you can expect to save by installing WaterSense labeled products. Expected dollar savings are also provided.