Drinking Water Advisory Tool | Regional Water Providers Consortium

Drinking Water Advisory Tool

The Drinking Water Advisory Tool was developed to alert customers of Consortium members if there are emergency alerts in effect for their drinking water.


Drinking Water Advisories

Drinking water advisories might be called by their official name (in bold) or described as the action your water provider is asking you to take. Common types of alerts include:

  • Service Outage: Water is not available (nothing happens when you turn on your tap) due to a planned water shut-off or an issue like a broken pipe.
  • Boil Water Notice: You will need to boil your water before drinking it, cooking with it, and/or using it for hygiene. Sometimes the abbreviation "BWN" is used by water providers, especially on social media.
  • Curtailment: Your water provider is asking you to use less water for a period of time. This could be voluntary (a suggestion) or mandatory (you are required to reduce your water use).
  • Do Not Drink: Do not drink your tap water at all; boiling it will not make it safe to drink.
  • Do Not Use: Do not use your tap water for anything (drinking, cooking, and hygiene).


Statewide Drinking Water Advisories

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) manages this map of active drinking water advisories across the State of Oregon. The Consortium did not create and does not maintain this map, meaning we cannot answer questions regarding Do Not Drink and Boil Water advisories for water providers that are not members.


Other Emergency Alerts

If you are looking for more emergency alerts information for the Portland-Vancouver metro area, visit PublicAlerts.org to see current alerts in fifteen languages.


Water Provider Look-Up

The tool has a second function as a water provider look-up tool. This lookup tool only works for customers whose water providers are members of the Regional Water Providers Consortium.