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Find a Pro

Irrigation professional installing equipment into lush, green lawn

Find a professional for your waterwise landscape or irrigation system project

Choosing the right landscape contracting business(es) to design, build, or maintain your landscape or irrigation project is an important step to ensuring its success. This is especially true if you would like your finished project to use water efficiently.


Here are some resources to help you know what to look for when selecting a landscape or irrigation contractor:

  • Oregon Landscape Contractors Association: Use this directory to find landscape professionals in your area. Be sure to ask about their work experience on similar projects, if they hold any advanced certifications, and check their references.
  • Landscape Contractors Board: Use this website to see if the business(es) you would like to hire are licensed to do the work you’d like done. You can also find a useful consumer guide and information on which types of landscape and irrigation work that requires a license. This is also where you would file a complaint about a contractor.
  • WaterSense irrigation certifications: Irrigation professionals certified by a WaterSense labeled program can help you reduce your water consumption, save money, and maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape by maximizing the efficiency of your irrigation system. Find a WaterSense certified pro.
  • Water provider resources: Find out if your water provider offers outdoor water efficiency rebates or irrigation site visits or by contacting your water provider directly.


Water provider resources for the pros

The Consortium is a committed partner to the landscape profession and has provided free training opportunities to landscape for professionals for almost 20 years. Workshops typically focus on water efficient best management practices and emerging technologies. The Consortium is a proud member of the Irrigation Association and Oregon Landscape Contractors Association.