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Outdoor Water Conservation

Water wisely this summer!

During the warm summer months, we spend time outdoors tending to our lawns and growing our gardens - increasing water usage significantly. Even though we think of the Pacific Northwest as a place of abundant rainfall (about 37 inches per year) and plentiful water, summer watering can drain water systems and your pocketbook. Use water more efficiently in your landscape by starting here:


Sign Up for the Weekly Watering Number

Let us take the guesswork out of watering for you! Each week from April - September, we will send you a personalized watering number along with tips and other resources to help you use water efficiently this summer.


Learn Sprinkler Maintenance

A well-planned and well-maintained watering system can help you avoid over-watering. Learn more about the types of watering systems that will save you the most water and money, how to measure and adjust your sprinklers' water use, and how to maintain your irrigation system to make sure water isn't leaking where you can't see it.


Plant Waterwise

Select items for your landscape that need less water. Learn about waterwise plants and steps you can take to increase your soil's ability to hold water (and keep down those weeds, an added bonus!).