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Source Water Protection

Barney Reservoir

Protecting the region's drinking water is one of your water provider's top priorities.

Water providers take great care to protect your drinking water at its source. This keeps the region’s drinking water safe and available today and into the future. Providing safe and reliable drinking water starts at each water source and continues until it reaches your home or business. 


How water providers are protecting local drinking water sources:

The Consortium's 25 water provider members began working together in 1997 to protect the many drinking water sources in the greater Portland, Oregon metro region. They do this today by:

  • Advocating for legislation and rules that improves water quality and protects local watersheds
  • Working with partner agencies on water quality issues

This keeps our region’s water some of the safest and most dependable in the country.


How each of the region's five main water sources are being protected:

For more information about regional source water protection, read the Consortium’s Source Water Protection Plan (PDF). Find out what you can do to protect your drinking water at the source with these 10 tips.