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Our Region's Water

Aerial photograph of a raw water intake along the Clackamas River

Water is our number one natural resource.

The greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan region is fortunate to have multiple sources of drinking water. Together we use millions of gallons of water each day to make that morning cup of coffee, water our gardens, and flush our toilets. Local businesses use water to create products that we enjoy here and send across the globe. In fact, everything in our lives depends on water: public health, fire protection, our economy, wildlife, and outdoor recreation. We all have a role to play in caring for this resource.


Here's what water providers do:

Water providers work hard to ensure their customers have safe, reliable water 24 hours a day, every day. This requires constant care and management of a complex network of water treatment plants, pump stations, reservoirs, storage tanks, and thousands of miles of pipes. This also requires lots of planning to address issues of aging infrastructure, population growth, new and changing regulations, seismic hazards, and climate change.

The Regional Water Providers Consortium's work supports its water provider members to ensure that the region has a long-term, reliable, efficient, and safe water supply.


Our Region’s Water Sources and Providers: a detailed look at where your water comes from and who delivers it to your home or business.

Use the information in this map to explore the region’s different water sources and 24 of the entities that deliver it from source to tap. View the data below by water source, water provider, or in this accessible PDF.


This map is intended for informational purposes only and provides a general summary of the region’s water providers and sources. It is not suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. The Regional Water Providers Consortium is not liable for misuse of this information or derivative products resulting from this map.