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Water Conservation Devices

Save water and money by making small, easy changes at home! These devices are often available from your water provider upon request, or can be purchased from most home and garden stores, many online retailers, and hardware stores.


Outdoor Water Conservation

Watering Gauges

Watering gauges are small cup-like devices that can be used to measure the amount of water that your sprinkler uses over a given time. Once you know this, you can set a watering schedule that delivers the right amount of water to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant without overwatering! 

Photograph of hand holding an orange watering gauge


Shut-Off Hose Nozzle

An average garden hose uses 5 - 7 gallons of water per minute. Attaching a water-efficient nozzle to your hose will automatically stop the flow of water when the hose is not in use, even when the water is still on. This is a great way to make sure you're only using water when you need it while watering your garden or washing your car.

yellow and black water-efficient shut-off hose nozzle


Indoor Water Conservation

Faucet Aerator 

Aerators are the screw-on tip at the end of faucets. Aerators control the flow of water through your bathroom and kitchen faucets by mixing air with the water as it flows through your faucet. WaterSense labeled aerators and faucets can reduce water flows by 30% or more without sacrificing performance.

WaterSense labeled water-efficient faucet aerator


Fill Cycle Diverter

A fill cycle diverter is the most efficient, established device used to retrofit older toilets that use 3.5 gallons per flush or more. The diverter directs more water to the toilet's tank and less to the bowl while they refill so that they finish filling at roughly the same time. Once installed, a fill cycle diverter will save about half a gallon of water per flush, a great interim step before replacing older toilets.

Blue fill cycle diverter against a white background


Toilet Dye Tabs / Strips 

Dye tabs or strips are placed in the toilet tank to determine whether a slow or silent toilet leak is occurring. It only takes one tab or strip and 20 minutes to check for costly toilet leaks!

Toilet dye tabs Toilet dye strips


High-Efficiency Showerhead 

Standard showerheads use 2.5 gallons (or more!) of water each minute that they are used. High efficiency showerheads can use up to 50% less water than standard showerheads, and WaterSense labeled showerheads are third-party testes to ensure that they meet EPA water efficiency and performance criteria. Low-flow no longer means low water pressure - upgrade today for $5 - $20!

water-efficient showerhead