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only wash full loads to save water indoors

Some say that the clothes make the person. While this may or may not be so, when it comes to selecting what will wash those clothes, an Energy Star-labeled washer is the one that makes sense.  

The reason? Since its start more than 20 years ago, Energy Star has made great strides in bringing more energy and water efficient clothes washers to consumers. In fact, today’s Energy Star certified clothes washer uses about 70% less energy, and 75% less water than a standard washer used 20 years ago!

Choosing to purchase an Energy Star certified clothes washer today over a standard washer will ensure that your household uses about 20% less energy and 35% less water when doing laundry.

Since the average American family washes about 300 loads of laundry each year, and doing laundry accounts for about 17% of the water used in a typical home, those savings can add up quickly. Some energy and water providers have rebate programs for their customers, so be sure to check with your providers before purchasing your next washer.

If a new Energy Star washer is not affordable right now, you can still conserve significant amounts of energy and water by making sure to run your washer only when it is full. Following manufacturer's instructions on care and maintenance of your current washer, along with spot treating instead of presoaking stained clothing, can also ensure efficient water use.