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Conservation Program

children looking into microscopes at the Clean Water Festival

Working together to meet the region’s water needs.

In the Portland Metro area, water conservation is an important tool to meeting the region’s long-term water needs. Water saved through conservation means less water needs to be stored and treated and more water is available for our rivers and streams. The Consortium is a leader in regional water conservation efforts and provides the public with consistent messaging and useful tools designed to ensure efficient use of our water resources. 


Program Elements

Public Outreach Campaigns: The Consortium uses TV, radio, and other media to provide people with information and resources they need to understand how to use water more efficiently in their homes and landscapes. 

Outreach Materials and Conservation Devices: The Consortium offers more than 25 print pieces, a robust website, social media (Facebook and Twitter), how-to videose-newsletters, and annual device give-aways to help the public make informed decisions about how to use water. The Consortium also promotes rebates and resources that our members offer to their customers. 

School Assembly Programs and Children’s Clean Water Festival Sponsor: We provide an interactive school assembly program to approximately 4,000 students (K-5) annually. We are a proud co-sponsor of the Children’s Clean Water Festival which includes more than 40 hands-on, water-focused activities, classroom presentations, and stage shows to about 1,400 fourth-graders annually. We also offer a variety of youth-oriented print materials to supplement kids’ experiences at assemblies and the Festival. 

Community Events & Workshops: We represent water providers at key public outreach events where staff distribute outreach materials and devices to attendees. Conservation staff from our provider members meet regularly to advise and assist Consortium staff with its work plan direction and implementation. The Consortium is also a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the Irrigation Association, and the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association.

Consortium Conservation Committee: Consortium members meet six times each year to plan and implement regional water conservation efforts.