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Water Quality

water quality lab technician working with drinking water samples

Delivering safe and reliable drinking water is your water provider's top priority.

Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) in 1974 to protect public health by regulating the nation’s drinking water supplies. Today, drinking water is required to meet strict water quality standards and is regularly tested to protect you from naturally occurring and man-made contaminants that can be found in drinking water.


Learn more about these standards and what is (and isn't) in your water


How to find out about the quality of your drinking water

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets national health-based standards for drinking water and requires water providers to produce a Consumer Confidence Report or Drinking Water Quality Report for their customers annually. This detailed report is one of the best ways for you to learn more about the quality and source of your water. 

If there is ever an issue with your water quality, your water provider will let you know by sending out a drinking water advisory.