We think of the Pacific Northwest as a place of abundant rainfall (about 37 inches per year) and plentiful water.

And, it is – for now.  But, as our water demands continue to grow, long-term water supply issues continue to develop, and the factors that impact them, have become more important to us all.

The Consortium’s conservation program utilizes a variety of communication and outreach efforts to inform the public about ways to use water efficiently. To do this, the program targets a diverse range of users including residential customers, property managers, children, school teachers, industry partners, and landscape professionals.  It includes the following components:

Multi-media outreach: television, radio, and social media messaging campaigns

Website: a comprehensive website ( specializing in regional water conservation information, tips, tools, and resources.

Educational materials and conservation devices: more than 25 printed materials and conservation devices designed to help kids and adults save water indoors and out

School programs: entertaining and educational water conservation-focused school assembly shows for students grades K-5