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A person waters their garden with a watering can during the summer

Do your part to use water wisely. It's just the right thing to do.

Together, we use millions of gallons of water each day - to water our gardens, make that morning cup of coffee, and flush our toilets. Local businesses use water to create products that ­­­we enjoy right here and send across the globe. In fact, almost everything we do depends on water – public health and safety, our economy, life itself.

Americans use 100 gallons of water on average a day. Here in the greater Portland metro area we take pride in using less than that, however we can all do more to use this precious resource more efficiently.

Start indoors

Changes you make indoors will save you money all year round. The best part is that some of the easiest fixes are inexpensive and easy to do yourself!

Ready to roll up your sleeves and capture more water savings? Learn How.

Head outdoors (and save)

If you have a yard, learning how to save water on your lawn and landscape during the warmer months is an important part of conservation. The biggest mistake people make is watering too much and too often. We’ve identified the most effective things you can do on our Outdoors pages.