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Consortium Members

Members of the Regional Water Providers Consortium are cities, water districts and a people’s utility district throughout the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Participation in the Consortium is voluntary and is funded through membership dues.

Consortium members are listed below including contacts for general inquiries, and information on water conservation information and resources.

Water Provider


Beaverton, City of

Main: 503-526-2257

Conservation: 503-526-2278 rebates

Clackamas River Water

Main: 503-722-9220

Conservation: email 503-722-9241 rebates

Cornelius, City of

Main: 503-357-3011

Forest Grove, City of 

Main: 503-922-3221

Conservation: Marcey Crowell email 503-992-3228 rebates

Gladstone, City of 

Main: 503-557-2771

Conservation: Christine Hollenbeck email 503-723-3511 rebates

Gresham, City of 

Main: 503-661-3000

Conservation: Sarah White email 503-618-2526 rebates

Hillsboro, City of

Main: 503-615-6700 

Conservation: Amy Meaut email 503-615-6737 rebates

Lake Oswego, City of 

Main: 503-635-0265

Conservation: Kevin McCaleb email 503-675-3747 rebates

Milwaukie, City of 

Main: 503-786-7597

Conservation: Peter Passarelli, email 503-786-7614

Newberg, City of

Main: 503-537-1282

Conservation: email

Oak Lodge Water Services

Main: 503-654-7765

Conservation: Christine Hollenbeck email 503-723-3511 rebates

Portland, City of 

Main: 503-823-7404

Conservation: Sarah Santner email 503-823-7444 rebates

Raleigh Water District

Main: 503-292-4894

Conservation: Matt Steidler email 503-292-4894

Rockwood Water PUD

Main: 503-665-4179

Conservation: Kerry Aden email 503-665-4179 rebates

Sandy, City of

Main: 503-668-5533 

Conservation: Mike Walker email 503-668-5533 

Sherwood, City of

Main: 503-925-2315

Conservation: Sarah Smith email 503- 925-2325 rebates

South Fork Water Board

Main: 503-657-5030

Conservation: Christine Hollenbeck email 503-723-3511 rebates

Sunrise Water Authority

Main: 503-761-7406

Conservation: Christine Hollenbeck email 503-723-3511 rebates

Tigard, City of

Main: 503-718-2591

Conservation: Jennifer Joe email 503-718-2599 

Tualatin, City of

Main: 503-692-2000

Conservation: Carrie Severson email 503-783-0191


Troutdale, City of

Main: 503-674-3300

Conservation: Travis Hultin email 503-674-7239

Tualatin Valley Water District

Main: 503-848-3000

Conservation: Steve Carper email 503-848-3064 rebates

West Slope Water District

Main: 503-292-2777

Conservation: Mike Grimm email 503-292-2777