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Is Your Lawn Earning Its Keep?

Ah, the American lawn. It is as much a part of our national tradition as apple pie and baseball.

Look in any community across the nation, and you are likely to see lawns incorporated into our home landscapes, parks, recreation fields, and more.

And, why not? When planted with thoughtful design, lawns can be a beautiful and practical addition to the landscape. There are also many benefits to planting grass.

But, they also require more water and maintenance than many other plants. And, up to 50% of water used to water lawns can be lost to evaporation, run off, overspray and overwatering.

So, is your lawn earning its keep? Take a moment to evaluate your lawn. If you think of it as more of a hassle than a haven, you may want to consider changing your landscape to better suit your needs - perhaps incorporating lawn alternatives, water wise plants, or hardscapes into your landscape?

On the other hand, if your lawn is a haven, you may be able to save water, money, and time this summer by making some small adjustments to your regular maintenance routine.

Looking for more in-depth information on lawns?

Download our PDF iconPlanting & Maintaining Your Lawn brochure. Or, check out the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance for information on waterwise grass varieties.

Or lawn alternatives?

Download our or our PDF iconWater-Efficient Plant Guide to get ideas for replacing some or all of your lawn with lawn alternatives, water wise plants, or hardscapes.