Summer Water Supply

Drought in the West and in Oregon is a hot topic. As a result, there is growing interest about water supplies in the Portland metropolitan area. Here is some information about drinking water supplies for the region:

Municipal water supplies in the Portland metropolitan area are adequate to meet the region’s water needs. The region is fortunate to have multiple reliable water sources.

Portland metro area water providers  are prepared to meet demand, and in fact have been proactively planning for more than 18 years to ensure water needs can be met in the face of drought or other water shortages. Planning for long-term, safe, and reliable water supplies is what water providers do best. Since 1997, Consortium members have collaborated on projects related to water supply, emergency interconnections, conservation, demand forecasting, and resiliency to name a few.

Water supply is different throughout the state. To  learn more about what is happening with your local water supply, check with your local water provider. You can also find state-wide drought information at

Water providers and their customers take conservation seriously. Despite population growth, per capita water use has steadily declined in the region in large part due to water conservation.

That said, we don’t have water to waste and everyone can do their part to use water efficiently. Learn more about how you can use water more efficiently indoors and out here.