People use the same amount of water inside their homes year-round. Most indoor water use occurs in the bathroom, so it makes sense to start there when looking for ways to use water more efficiently at home.  

Here are two ways that you can save hundreds to thousands of gallons of water in just 10 minutes: 

  1. Check your home for leaks – many leaks are inexpensive and easy to fix. 
  2. Switch your bathroom faucet aerator and showerhead to WaterSense-labeled models – they use 20% less water without compromising performance. 

These easy steps will get you on the road to real water savings. They also can help to decrease your energy and sewer costs. This is because using less water also means that you will use less energy to heat water, and send less water down the drain. Not bad for 10 minutes of work! 

Ready to roll up your sleeves and capture more water savings? Here are more easy tips.  

Indoor water use pie chart.