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This section is designed to keep you “in the know” with what is going on in water around our greater Portland metro region and beyond.


Online and On air - Read, see, and listen to stories that feature the Consortium in water-related stories throughout the region.

Other Ways to Stay Connected

Regionalh2o News is the Consortium’s electronic newsletter that will keep you up to date with what the Consortium and its members are working on, and what is happening in water in the greater Portland metro area. It is published several times a year. Sign up or change your subscription. View current or past issues.

Weekly Watering Number is an email listserve that will let you know how much to water your landscape each week. The Weekly Watering Number is based on weather in your zip code and published each Thursday April - September. Sign up or change your subscription.

Consortium Meeting Notices are listserves that will keep you up to date about the Consortium’s Technical Committee, Executive Committee, and Board upcoming meetings. Sign up or change your subscriptions.

Social Media - Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more info on water and water conservation-focused tips, resources, and events.