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A child wearing rubber boots jumps in a puddle, connecting with the fun of water.

Wondering what you can do to teach children to appreciate the importance of saving water?

Take some time to help your kids feel connected to water, and they will share your desire to protect it. Here are some ideas about how to do just that:

1. Teach children where their water comes from

The Portland, OR metropolitan area is fortunate to have multiple sources of water to serve the region. Depending where you live, you probably get water from one of the area’s main sources: the Bull Run Watershed, the Trask and Tualatin Rivers, the Clackamas River, and the Willamette River. If you visit any of the rivers listed above for recreation this spring, make it a teachable moment! If you don’t know where your tap water comes from, use our look-up tool to see who your water utility is and then ask them for details. 

2. Find and fix leaks together

Kids can play an important role in helping to put a stop to leaks at home by becoming junior leak detectives. Taking 20 minutes to check your home's faucets and shower for leaks today could save hundreds to thousands of gallons of water. Plus, the toilet dye test is pretty fun! 

3. Bring it home with some books. 

For the bookworms among us, the Consortium offers two online activity books "What Do You Know About H2O?" and "Water and You", as well as a reading list of water-related books that you can easily find at your local library. 

4. Looking for more? 

A couple of our favorite resources include Arizona’s Water – Use It Wisely kids activity page, as well as the Children’s Clean Water Festival resource page, where you can find organizations offering local field trips, camps, and other fun activities for kids - and adults!