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Emergency Preparedness How-To Videos

Start your emergency prep with water.

How to prepare for emergencies with water - video series

Our how-to videos give you step-by-step instructions for storing emergency water in your own sanitized container, how to access water from your water heater in an emergency, and what items you’ll need to treat water four ways to make it safe to drink. 

You can find these and our other how-to videos on our YouTube channel. You can also find the content covered in these videos in our print materials and more ways to prepare for emergencies starting with water in this section of our website.


Multilingual how-to video project

We are working on making each of these videos and accompanying print materials available in more languages!

The Regional Water Providers Consortium, in partnership with Multnomah County, received $110, 000 in Urban Area Security Initiative grant money through the Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization to complete this project in seven languages. The organizations are continuing to work together to access additional funding to complete videos in Lao, Russian, Japanese, and Farsi in 2023 or 2024. The Consortium also partnered with TZOM Films, and the Community Engagement Liaisons on this video project to ensure cultural competency in the transcreation of our English-language videos.


Community statement

Community members played a vital role in the multilingual video project. They shared information about their community's knowledge on these topics, translated scripts, acted in the videos, and gave outreach recommendations. We are proud of the multicultural team that collaborated on this project and are thankful for their contributions.